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 Yoshiro's History

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PostSubject: Yoshiro's History   Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:14 am

((This is all IC ))


Shiro was born in a small village in Japan in a area that was all farmers and tradesmen. She was born in the cold winter month of December on the 20th. Her birth name was Yoshiro, meaning First white. To her familys hate she was born with white hair and warm Teal colored eyes.

When she was able to walk she played with tops and taught herself on reading and wrighting. She was always alone always looking out for herself because who would? The village saw her as a demon, not as a child who wanted to be loved. The town demon walked around like a dragon in pain.

She learned to be distant and cold, it was never her choice to feel alone, but then she would always feel something stir within her. It was hard for her to say but she never felt too alone when this feeling came about. The wind also seem to pick up around her, almost like a hug.

She had weird dreams of a place of all ice and snow but the coldness never bothered her in fact it made her feel safe. Every time it was the same a large Ice dragon coiled up in front of her and it was always the same she was never able to hear what his name ways. The wind was way to strong the storms where picking up but each day they died down just alittled.

Once the dreams had started she was removed from her home, she was doomed to live alone. At the edge of the village she stayed in the forest, she vowed to become stronger than the whole village, she wanted to be seen. Not as a monster but as a person who wanted to be loved. After all she was just a kid.

The kids in the village would glare at her and stay very far away from her. Was it the white hair? Her eyes? Or how cold she was? Or the fact her hair would not grow past a spiky mop. She started not to care to look in the water, she only saw herself and sometimes the dragon that she saw in her dreams.

Was it really just a dream? What did it mean was she really a demon, a monster?

When she was nine the villagers started to grow mad at her more and more, some would throw rocks while others would deny her to buy food or warm robes. Her eyes started to grow colder and colder, she moved into a cave and used it as a home.

As the years past her mother died from a sickness no one knew about, which was now known as cancer and her father died at the hands of the mob. By that time she was too cold to care what had happen to them, they didnt care about her so why should she?

She was 12 when she died and you can not call it a happy one. One day she was wondering around her village near the cliff where a small group of kids said they would like to play with her there. Excited she went, that was her biggest mistake ever.

The group was the size of ten kids, most of them over the age of 13. It was near her 13th birthday, a week to be honest. The snow top hill felt nice on her bare feet as she dashed up to meet them.

Then her horror started, long to say atlest they killed her by throwing her down the cliff side into the rocky ice water. The ice water dragged her body down deep into the cold depths. The cold didn't really feel cold to her, she could of swam to safety, but she wasn't able to push the ice away from her body.

Slipping into a deep sleep, she woke up looking around she wasnt in the water anymore, she was back on top of the snow covered hill. She walked around, it then hit her, her soul never crossing to either side when she looked down she had a chain on her chest.

The chain was painful, it was ment to chew at the soul until it became a demon if the soul wasn't sent to peace and deemed clean.

She wonder around the town to see if anyone could help her, she found a tall male, he too had white hair like she did. The tall male walked up to her, His name was Gin or sliver as she called him. He was kind but never opened his eyes. The first thing he did was hugged her and told her she was not alone, and he was also in the same place as she was. No home no family and no one to hug.

He was a Shinigami, he protected the humans and souls alike, it was then she wanted to become a Shinigami too. Gin kneeled down to her and told her he would find her to train, at the end of his Katana he pressed it to her forehead making a soul burial.

Soul life

She grew up with a friend they sat and ate watermelon together, and both had fun. For the frist time in her life she knew what a friend was and what it really ment to be happy. This friend was one of the few people she will not be al cold too.

Like Gin had told her he came to her and her friend one night and took both of them back too a school to learn how to control there powers.

Her older friend had a calm feeling to her it would always make her feel at peace. Unlike her's it made the room very cold when she was upset, even here people really didnt like her. Though her power scared many people around her. One day her friend was killed by a hollow attack and her only friend was now gone, she started to withdrawl once again.

She grew quickly in the ranks, becoming the youngest Shinigami they ever had seen. She mastered Shika and shortly after she was placed in a squad she learned Bankai. Deeming her power was well worthy of being a captain.

She became a captain, a strong captain to say atlest. Her squad was pretty different than most, she had a lazy Lt. That didnt want to do her work and always went off to drink. Over all her Lt. was there for her when she needed her the most and always knew she wouldnt leave her like so many people did before.

Now she wonders from the streets of raven black to the soul city, she misses the times where she would just sit and eat watermelon all the time. She has not came by any watermelon yet in the city which made her little sad.

Every now and then she has to head back to check up on her squad, she still proudly bore her mark of the 10th squad.

She missed them dearly, yes they did annoy her to hell and back but she would not have it any other way. Her squad, Her Family, and thats how it will always be until the world dies. They where allowed to move down near her and set up camp near her small hut, she was now able to see how they where.

Life in Ravenblack

She woke up in a weird place, it smelt like dead rats and spilled blood everywhere. She saw a dark figure darting over to her and her hand shots right to her zanpakto handle and draws it. The tip was ment to tell him to back off she growled but didnt speak.

Let me make you forever a darkling, let me make you stronger.

The words rang in her head, she shook her snow colored hair and growled, she had everything she needed. A squad a close friend and a close dragon to her. Why in the fronzen heavens she needed more was beyound her.

While she was in deep thought the guy had already marked her, she kicked him and headed away. Her hand stiffed on her neck and growled, she wasnt very good at healing kido but she tried and failed the too holes where still there.

Growling deep within her, rised a deep voice.

Don't worry Master

Shk, even now he isnt being very helpful when she needed him to be.
She started to feel weird and if she hasnt felt like a demon before she sure did now.

She was taken in to a family and soon they fell into sleep leaving her alone very alone, some would wake up for a bit then would fall back into a deep sleep. It Hurt her just as much as she did when she was alive. Once again she was cold and colder than she was before she was turned into the world of the vampires. It scared her alittle.

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Yoshiro's History
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