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 Jadeleath... a very long history

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PostSubject: Jadeleath... a very long history   Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:51 pm

Jadeleath Arimil Isis Drake-Talon

((Jade is open about her past, about whatever is asked of her, so this can be known either IC or OOC.))

Ancient History

The Fae are a mysterious race. Some say that they are timeless, that once one is born and then reach a certain age, they simply stop aging. Some believe that they originate in one area of the world and only there. There are so many rumors and myths surrounding the Fae that if everything were put into one being then they’d look like Tinkerbell (wings and all), be restricted to Ireland, and only be female. Of course that begs to ask, how would they reproduce?

Where this particular Fae originated, even she doesn’t remember. She was born a baby, small and cuddly, slightly smaller than a human baby would be. She had parents, but even their faces have faded in her memory. That her life has been long is an understatement. In truth, she is nearly as old as time itself.

As the Earth formed and different creatures sprang from the goo, life emerging, billions of species became what they were to be. Reptiles, birds, fish and mammals all separated into their categories, dividing more to represent the individual breed. Even as humans were created, so were the elves, dwarves, ents and Fae among a plethora of others. With the growth of the populations, each race formed cities and communities, expanding and moving over different areas. Some crossbred, some thrived, and some died out.

One day in one of the Fae villages, a precocious girl, the sort that think that they know everything, decided she would do well to leave and go off to see the world. She bid her parents farewell and set off on her first solo adventure. Travel was slow in that time, but her racial talents and abilities allowed her to pass wherever she wished to and nowhere escaped her notice.

Time was spent in most areas throughout Eurasia and Africa. Continents changed more than she did. Wherever she went she followed the fun. Whether it be clowning around with a caravan or enjoying the revelry of Soddam and Gahmorrah.

Ancient Egypt

At one point she settled in Egypt. With her delicate features and it being obvious that she was not Hebrew, she was immediately taken to the pharoh’s court. He was a covetous man and tried to possess her, yet she rejected him. She was practically magic incarnate and the pharoh was furious at her denial. When he attempted to harm her, initially she played a trick upon him, where he ended up married to a peasant. Furious at the deception, the pharoh came at her, murder in his eyes. Seemingly with the blink of her eyes he fell to the ground, dead.

This deed caught the attention of his subjects, as well as the royal court. Initially they thought her a demon, but soon she was dubbed a goddess. She was the goddess Isis, mother of all, nurturer of everyone. While in that time and place she met another, this one from a race of Carpathians and he was known throughout Egypt as Seht. The pair quickly fell in love, knowing immediately that they were destined for one another, lifemates. Seht had a twin named Osiris and through their twin connection he felt the pull of Seht’s lifemate as well. Jealous of his brother’s happiness, Osiris captured Seht, locking him away. He then deceived Isis, convinced her that he was her true lifemate, that Seht had been tricking her. Confused by the strange pull she had toward them, she was weak and swayed through magic that Osiris used upon her.

Seht was evil and Osiris was her one, that was what she was convinced of. She lived in happiness with Osiris and soon they were known as the mother and father of all in Egypt. Many temples and idols were built in their honor, everyone adored them. Soon is was discovered that Isis would finally be a mother, she was pregnant with Osiris’ child. Throughout her pregnancy she seemed to grow more and more beautiful, while Osiris grew very concerned. There was a feeling he got from the fetus, one that sent a shiver through his body.

The night that Isis gave birth she was in agony, there being no drugs to alleviate the pain of childbirth. On top of that, no midwife would attend her for why would a goddess need help? Seht escaped and came to her, found her giving birth and Osiris pacing the room. He held Isis as she struggled through the labor. Finally the babe, a small little boy, slithered from her body and she laid back, gasping for air. The moment that the child was out from her, Osiris was able to get a clear reading on him, on his future, his heart. The babe would grow to be evil incarnate and in time would kill his mother. He couldn’t have that and so as he lifted his own son in his arms, he plunged a knife through the tiny chest, the father killing the child.

After the pain of labor Isis was already on edge, hanging on by sure determination, but then she saw her child killed before her very eyes and the agony of that was too much to bear. Oblivion claimed her and she passed out for the first time in her life. When she awoke she was alone with Seht and things were made clear once more. She clung to him as though clinging to life itself, her body shaking from the entire experience. The loss that she felt was so great she felt as though he had carved her heart from her chest.

Seht, seeing the devastation upon her face, the pain in her eyes, asked what he could do to make her feel better, what would make her whole once more. He promised her anything he could do, he would. She asked for Osiris’ heart. Once she was able to move around easily once more the pair followed him to an outlying village and watched, waited. Then they maneuvered it so that he revealed himself, so that the village would know that he was no god. He was wrestled to the ground by an angry mob, each of his feet and hands tied to different horses and pulled limb from limb. She was there, trying to get to Osiris, aching to be the one to kill him after what he’d done to her, how he’d fooled her and killed their child, kept her from her love. Seht knew what it would do to her though and so he held her, held her back as his twin was killed. When it was finished, he retrieved his twin’s heart and brought it to her, but then she no longer wanted any of him.

The pain of it all was not lessened by Osiris’ death and though his body was buried in different pieces and he was no longer able to bother her, she ached all of the time, for the babe that she never was able to know. Finally the pain of it was too great and so she searched to erase it all, erase the pain, the memories. She sat down with a number of scrolls. The first scroll she wrote out was a spell to cause her to forget the past, forget the pain. Then came a scroll to reverse the first, one that she only wrote at Seht’s urging, one she didn’t wish to write but she could never deny him. The third scroll was one of rebirth, so that she would be born again, her heart and thoughts pure once more. The fourth was to reverse the third. Lastly she made one more, one she wrote though she did not know why she did. The fifth scroll was to bring life to the dead. It was a personal spell and one she had no idea why she wrote it for it would bring true life, not simple resurrection, but she wrote it out just the same.

The second scroll she gave to Seht to hold, as he held her heart, to keep it safe and she made him vow not to reveal the truth to her save through the scroll. The fourth scroll was put away among the city’s records with her seal so that none would open it save she. The third scroll she tucked away amidst her things, as a safeguard for the future. Again, that was another scroll she didn’t know why she’d written it, but something had guided her to do so. The fifth scroll was filed away with the third. The first scroll though, that one she held in her hand and once she’d kissed Seht with all of the love she could muster after all of the pain within her, she read the first scroll.

Not-so-Ancient History

The world seemed new once more and she knew no one. She awoke with Egypt behind her and the world her oyster. Somehow she wandered from Africa to South America, her magical abilities allowing her to travel with more speed than others of the time. The Mayans honored her as royalty and she was once more blessed with a man that seemed to complete her. Alas, old age was not something he was immune from and so once more she was devastated.

For a long, long while she wandered aimlessly, not knowing or caring what was going on around her. Many times she escaped death by just a hair, not that it mattered to her. She found lovers here and there throughout her travels, but always she felt as though she were missing something, as though she had to keep searching for that one that completed her.

Time seemed to both drag down second by second, and speed up so that it flashed before her eyes. She was in a daze as she continued to wander blindly through the world, her pain seeming to grow with each passing footfall. It was as though each step she took led her further from her one, but she did not know it.

Once more she attempted love, but again loss soon followed and she was left lost, cold and alone. Unable to take the pain of the repetitious pattern over and over again, she opened the third scroll, something she’d found in her bag a while prior, and read it.

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PostSubject: Re: Jadeleath... a very long history   Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:01 pm

Nearer History

She was born into an abusive family in middle America. Her father had quite a temper and if everything wasn’t exactly perfect he took out his anger on his children. Her mother tried to help them, but she was also afraid of Milarkaz and so she hid if he was in one of his rages. Jadeleath was the oldest and she loved her younger brothers and sisters so she did her best to take the worst of the beatings. The official explanation, for the schools, was that she was accident prone, though she was anything but.

As she developed into a young woman Milarkaz took notice of it and his ravages extended beyond punches and whippings to molestation. She did whatever she could to avoid him, but if she did, her younger sisters received the treatment. She couldn’t stand that thought so she stopped trying to get away. One by one her brothers ran away from home, choosing to take their chances on the street rather than stay in that environment.

By the age of sixteen she’d already been pregnant five times, though she had lost each baby through the abuse of her father. She was glad that these little babies hadn’t made it for this was no life for them, not to mention that they’d be little freaks, having a father for a grandfather.

At seventeen she met a man that was so very nice to her. He listened to her, treated her with respect, he didn’t even touch her the entire year that they dated. It seemed too good to be true, and it was. She finally had enough and couldn’t stay at home any longer, no matter what. She and Eric eloped. On their wedding night she discovered his dirty little secret. After a life of being sexually abused, her new husband really wanted to be a woman. He dressed as a woman and came to her. She denied him, begged him not to touch her dressed like that and he relented. He couldn’t deny his yearnings for long though and time and time again he dressed up and came to her. She finally had enough and ran away, leaving with nothing but her purse and the few dollars that were inside. She’d stood so much from her father, she couldn’t take anything at all from Eric.

She took whatever transportation that she could to get as far away as she could, hopping from train to bus to hitch-hiking. Finally she ended up just walking and she stumbled into Ravenblack City. A stranger met her and that was the end of her life. She never knew his name or who he was for he didn't explain anything at all to her. He simply came upon her, turned her, and left her. She soon learned what changes had been made in her body and what she could and couldn't do, through trial and error.

It took some time to come to terms with what she was and what she now could do. She staggered from the City, at first trying to figure out exactly what had happened to her. She felt drained and yet at the same time, more alive than ever before. The first morning she learned of her limitations with lighting quite quickly and thoroughly. She had fallen asleep in someone’s barn, and awoke to the sound of him coming out to feed his animals. As she tried to evade his sight she climbed to the barn’s upper loft. With the sun’s rising came little currents of sunlight peeking in through holes in the boards or gaps between them. Involuntarily she’d screamed in pain as her right arm came in contact with one of these sunbeams. She immediately jumped back, trying to ascertain where the pain had come from when she jumped into another such beam. It cascaded across her head and the only thing that kept her from really and truly screaming in pain was the thick hair upon her head. She raced as fast as she could to a dark corner and sat there panting in exhaustion and pain.

Her thirst for blood was just as startling a revelation to the young woman for in this time and place while the stories of vampires had been taunted about, they weren’t very widely spread. While reading she’d come across one very poorly written book on vampires, but it had had all of it’s information wrong.

She tried to eat food or drink drinks, but nothing assuaged her and she soon felt weaker and weaker. An especially bloody piece of meat was given to her and she ate it with gusto, whereas previously she would’ve thrown it on a grill to practically burn it she now craved anything that was bloody.

With each new awareness she felt stronger and more in control of her own life, though she still had no real purpose. Finally vengeance came to her, vengeance against both her father and her misbegotten husband. She went home and of course, her mother invited her inside. After a quick hug of the mother that had looked the other way for all of those years, she went to any of her remaining brothers or sisters that remained, hugging each of them in turn. She then turned to the last room where her father lay sleeping. She allowed the room’s door to close with an audible click and simply stood there, glaring daggers at the father that’d abused her for so very long. The moment he turned over and opened his eyes she was upon him, her hands digging into his throat. “How does it feel to be at another’s mercy?” she asked, her voice ragged with a number of emotions, none of which were the fear she usually had. She picked him up and threw him across the room. She then pulled a piece of paper and a pen from her blouse and placed them upon the dresser. “Sign it!” she spat, a little bit of bloody spittle flying from her mouth. She wanted him to sign a suicide note, admitting what he’d done to them all. Instead he snarled at her, running full force for her. Using her new power of celerity she was easily able to elude him, grabbing him as he flew past her. She hit him across the head, knocking him out, then opened the window and pulled him out to the ground outside. She then carried him down the alleyway before she sat there waiting for him to wake up. She made no move to restrain him, she simply sat there waiting for him to awaken. Finally he did and she sat there listening to his jeering, his taunts, his imprecations, until he finally lunged at her. Her fingers closed around his windpipe as her knee flew into his stomach, knocking the wind from his body and choking him at the same time. With her other hand she unhooked his pants, thrust her hand inside and pulled with all of her undead might, castrating him in a bloody mess. In a silky voice she whispered in his ear, “Now you see what happens to men who do what you did.” She paused to allow him to fully experience the horror before she lunged forward, her teeth sinking into his throat, going straight for the carotid artery, and began to drink hungrily from her father. She didn’t stop until she’d drained every drop from his limp body.

Her first bit of revenge taken, she turned her attention to Eric. After going to his family she discovered that he’d joined the military and was now in Vietnam. She spent some time trying to figure out how to get over there so that she could exact her revenge and finally it came to her. She seduced a general heading over to the conflict and tagged along as his personal secretary. Once there she easily discovered Eric’s where-abouts and slipped away. She traveled across South Vietnam toward the battle-zone and was able to discover his unit while on special maneuvers. One night, while everyone was sleeping, she slipped into their camp and woke him up. He was startled, but silently followed her away from the others. After demanding to know where she’d been and what she’d been doing he then asked her what she was doing there. It was then that she smiled, for the first time since seeing him once again. “I’ve come to make your wish come true,” she purred as she reached into her carisak, pulling out a dress. After he’d looked around to be sure that noone was around, he tore his clothing off and put on the dress. Once he had it on she stood there, a sparkle in her eye, and asked, “So you still want to be a woman?” Eagerly he nodded, his breath coming quicker. She stepped up to him and reached under his dress. His eyes widened in excitement, expecting for them to be getting ready for sex. Instead she repeated what she’d done to her father, castrating her husband. “Now do you feel like a woman?” she asked in a silky voice. She let him fall to the ground in shock, simply watching him reaching for what was no longer there. Just as he gathered himself to call for help she lunged at him, tearing into his throat. She was vicious in her attack, leaving his neck a torn up mess. After she drained him of his life’s blood she drug him closer to his comrades and left him there to be discovered like that, humiliating him in death.

Now that she’d sought out those she despised and disposed of them she found herself without purpose. Though she’d killed, she still clung to her humanity like a drowning man holding tight to a life-preserver. She hated to kill and when she needed to feed she usually sought out the dregs of society, getting rid of the vagrants that no one would miss.

She did still need to find a way to survive in the world. She had no money and very few powers, only those she’d stumbled upon by accident. She looked through the news, trying to find a way to gain some money. It was as she was heading back from Vietnam, still in the company of the erstwhile general, that she met a man she’d fantasized about as a teenager. They’d made a quick stop-over in Germany. She parted ways from the general at that point, relieving him of some money and a pint or two of blood.

As she left the base there in Friedburg she met a man as he was heading out on leave. She was with Elvis when Dick Clark interviewed him for American Bandstand then traveled with him to Munich then on to Paris. The pair had fun together and he shared his wealth with her, as always the generous man. When he headed back to report after his leave, she stayed in France.

She spent the next decade traveling through Europe, making her way however she could. She did attach herself to a couple of well-off gentlemen, using them for their money. She lost a bit more of herself as she killed them, after ensuring that she was named a beneficiary in their wills. She’d begun to aquire a bit more money, hiding it away in a bank and living modestly.

She ended up in Ireland where she stayed, enjoying the greenery and taking advantage of the conflict to disguise her kills. One evening while roaming the countryside she came across a group of women performing a wiccan ceremony. She sat watching from the shadows, mesmerized. She was surprised when the ceremony was over to have the entire group come right up to where she was hiding. She drew a dagger and was about to lunge out at them when suddenly she felt herself being held fast, unable to move. They gave her a choice, leave peacefully or die for good. Fascinated, she begged for an alternative. She asked that they teach her their craft. They agreed to teach her. She spent the next few decades learning their peaceful way, their worship of nature, their energy. She learned all that they could teach her.

One evening she awoke to the screams of the coven. Misunderstanding religious fiends took their rituals for something evil. Their good was extinguished in but a few moments. The dastards should’ve made their attack earlier, before Jadeleath had awoken. She flew out of her hidey-hole and the first thing she saw were the pires. Flame had engulfed them where they were tied and it was too late for them. Fury engulfed Jade as she lunged at those who’d done this to these peaceful people. She twisted what the coven had taught her, using it to punish their killers. Once more vengeance became her companion as she killed every last one of the murderers, but she didn’t stop with just those that had hurt her coven. When she finished killing those that had killed, she killed their families, their wives and children, everyone in the city of Kilkarian. Strangely though, as she stumbled up to one home, she seemed repelled. Still in a blind rage, she didn’t realize just how far she was repelled from that spot. Rather than just being thrown backwards a few feet, or even a mile, when she arose she discovered herself in Edinborogh, Scottland. She set upon the first man she found, sinking her fangs into his throat and beginning to drain him. As she did though, her senses began to return. It was too late though and the only way to keep from killing him was to turn him. She turned the man then stumbled off, still groggy, not truly knowing where she was after everything.

Eventually she returned to Ravenblack City, searching for answers and a place to call home, it was there that she met Chrystal. The woman offered to help her and vowed that her sire would help her as well and so she agreed to join them, formally binding herself to Chrystal as her childre.
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PostSubject: Re: Jadeleath... a very long history   Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:14 pm

Recent History

Since coming to the City she went all over, meeting some, though not too many other pyres. She became stronger in her knowledge though, she's felt the need to have someone to mother so she has taken in a few childre, Sayen, her eldest who is quite independent, Airlia, a youth who is definitely a 'momma's girl,' Codelious, a man after her own heart, twins that prefer to go by their nicknames of Tweedledee and Tweedledumb.

As she's gained strength she has also gained power. Unconsciously she has the ability to control the weather and so it became rainy when she was sad and cloudless when she was happy. Also, with the help of her goddesses, she can heal the injured. She also gained strength from her bond with her sire. Chrystal is a phoenix and in the way that her taking of Jade as her childre she passed that on to her. Jade's phoenix doesn't emerge often, but when it does, take care.

During an altercation with her grandsire, Astaroth, Jade lost touch with reality for a short while. While in her weakened state an ancient Irish goddess, Morrigan, took possession of her body. Through the help of her Granddad Loki, her sister Ilaria and her beloved Momma Xandra she was able to restrain the goddess, but not rid herself of her. Jade learned a few tricks from Morrigan though, such as shifting from place to place with a mere thought and shape-shifting.

She had fallen for a young pyress, Sakura Ashenvale, but it wasn't long after they were engaged when she was possessed by Morrigan. For her own protection Jade called things off with Sakura, though she continued to love her. Just after that she began to spread her love around and she ended up seeing a pyress and a pyre in particular. She became engaged to Topaz, one of Lady Senaiya's many personalities, but during her absense she did something to hurt her badly so she broke things off with her, for Topaz's sake. Immediately though, she was engaged to the pyre, Anemoth. They were together and they were happy and he proposed. During this time she began a private quest for a group called the Fae, with her dear friend Hanyou. Through the search they grew closer and she realized that while she loved Anemoth, she wasn't in love with him. But two nights before her marriage to Anemoth was to take place she called it off.

She grew to realize that she was in love with Hanyou, the only problem was that he was bound. They loved each other strongly and his wife was always pre-occupied and was rarely there for him in a personal way. The pair told her about their feelings for each other and at first she was furious, then she cut her strings with the both of them. This was painful for both for he was still Ebony Moon's brother, she'd been Jade's Aunt even longer.

Just after his severance from Ebony he told Jadeleath that he had to go away for a couple of weeks and at first Jade was fine with that... She'd promised her fidelity to him and she was fine with that... The two weeks stretched into a month... then two and three. With each passing night that he was gone she became more and more withdrawn from the rest of the world, shutting out her clan, her friends, her family. There were very few that she would even see or speak to... One of those was her old, dear friend Amdis. He held her when she was at her lowest, consoled her when she was at the breaking point.

Finally she was forced to give up on Hanyou, to face the fact that he'd either lied to her or abandoned her. She'd been starving herself and her former fiance', Anemoth, did something to take her weakness upon himself, giving her his health. She was revitalized once more. Amdis noticed the change in her and he asked to start seeing her as more than a friend. She'd loved him for so very long as a friend and confidant and now things were so much better. He became the light of her eyes, the sunshine in the darkness.

Soon it became clear that they were inseperable. They couldn't help but smile at the mere thought of each other, they talked all of the time, they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. It was better than anything she could have ever imagined and it was so perfect. One night, in the heat of passion, he proposed to her and she couldn't help but be in total bliss, absolute heaven.

Not long after she began to see Amdis, her eldest daughter, Sayen, came to her and asked to be severed. She wished to go her own way for a time. Obligingly she did go to the Hall of Severance and let her go, at the same time Sayen severed her son, Ryan. Jade took her beloved grandson as a son. Just before then she took a son in Damien, a young man that she'd noticed while still a human. She also took in a darling young, beautiful and strong Gaberiella.

Then on the twenty-seventh of December, 2008, she bound to her long time friend, lover and confidant. They had seen each other through a lot and now they've the rest of their lives to live for one another.

From the clan that Jade had been a part of, before she’d distanced herself in her longing for Hanyou, Jadeleath had met a vampire by the name of Disocur. Even after she’d left the clan she remained close to Dios. The pair tried to learn more about her heritage, the possibility of her being of the Fae. Using long ago connections he was able to secure a meeting with her with a member of the Fae. It was not only confirmed that she was Fae, rather than human before her turning, but also he gave her special herbs that would allow her to have two children, one male and one female. Taking the herbs back to her husband, she took one of the sets of herbs and was with Amdis. It was obvious soon that she was pregnant. The baby was strong, even in the womb. Conceived on March 7th, 2009, little Arimil was born June 24th of the same year, the magic speeding up gestation. She was born fully powered and a vampire, yet not totally. She was more like a damphyre, able to age and grow, go into the sun… Dioscur had a gift for being in the sun without it killing him and so through a ritual, he shared that gift with her.

Chrystal was away a lot and Jade really missed her and so she finally asked her to sever her, though she still loved her. Back when she’d been longing for Hanyou, there was one other vampire that was there to comfort Jadeleath, Venom. They both cared for one another and he asked to sire her. She loved him very much, he was a wonderful man.

Amdis returned from one of his many trips away with a gift for her, a box of ancient scrolls. After getting a friend to help her restore the deteriorating scrolls, she discovered that one, when done with a ritual, would rid Amdis of a dark voice that had plagued him throughout most of his life. He finally found relief from it after she’d performed the ritual. In the same bundle of scrolls was one with familiar handwriting on it and upon closer inspection she saw that it was her own, though the writing was thousands of years old. Upon reading the spell, the fourth scroll, she was knocked to the ground from the impact of the part of her mind that was unlocked, all of the memories flooding her mind from before the curse. It both helped and hurt her, these memories, yet she shared the new information with only certain others.

In the course of his research, Amdis had been going away more and more and finally he came to Jadeleath with a heavy heart. He was going away and he didn’t know when, or if, he’d return. In the end though, he loved her so very much, that he severed her, freeing her, so that she’d not be sitting, waiting for a man that may never return. This sunk Jade into a pit of sadness.

Her sire, Venom, brought an old friend of hers into the family, giving her a sister, Mute. After he sired Mute he brought into the family her baby sister Leigh, followed quickly by Xandra then finally Lenadariel. She loves them all very much, yet still something is lacking with noone to curl up with at night, no one to hold her. She has friends aplenty and they help her, but during the time when she is alone she feels doubly alone.

Recently she was approached by Ryan, her son that had gone away. He missed her as much as she missed him and so she welcomed him back into the family with open arms, so glad to have him back. Not long after that she discovered a childe she'd not known she had. His name was Aidan and she'd evidently sired him in the midst of her rage two years prior, when her coven had been killed. So out of it was she that she didn't remember it and so she had left him to his own devices. They are reunited again though and so they must learn about each other even as he needs instructions on gaining strength. She couldn't be happier that she has her Ryan back, and now a niggling that she'd felt was missing has been added.

Things always seem to come full circle. The fourth scroll, the one that she had read in the presence of Dementias, it not only opened her eyes, but it made her remember so much more about the past, but there were still holes. She remembered Egypt, but only fleeting glimpses. The ones that came to her were of she, as Isis, and he, as Osiris, happy and in love, then she remembered as he was pulled to pieces and Seht holding her, making her watch him being destroyed. That wasn’t how it had exactly happened, but that was what she remembered. So the memory of that past sprang something within her.

Dementias was married to her sister and she loved Xandra, but this feeling within her kept her tethered to that lifeline of the past as though it was all that was keeping her afloat. She envied the love she knew that Dem and Xan felt for one another and while Xandra was away she took every opportunity to bathe in the past that she could, spending a great bit of her time with him. She still felt that connection, that bond, but she was miserable because she couldn’t be with him.

Finally she knew she had to stop dwelling on him, had to stop centering herself upon that connection. All of her family and the few friends she had, they all had noticed and all were worried. She was introduced to Dem’s son, Michio, and he was a charming young man that seemed to worship the ground she walked on, but still there was that missing element.

Her world exploded in anger when Seht came to town. In her mind he was the one that had killed her Osiris and it was all his fault that she’d lost him. She was furious, to say the least, and to keep from burning down half of the city, the Carpathians included, she had surrendered to her phoenix and taken flight, disappearing into the night. A few nights later Seht came to her. At first she was so angry that she nearly burned him up then and there, but his promise of answers to the holes she still had in her past was enough to lure her to go with him. He had built a club in town and named it ‘The Tomb of Isis.’ The name was not lost on her and immediately she thought it a trap. His cryptic answers only seemed to frustrate her more and on the verge of leaving he gave her the second scroll. To see yet another relic of the past, in her own handwriting once more, was startling for her, but she believed that it was hers right off. Without question she tore open the scroll and read the ancient script.

Once more she was knocked from her feet as all of the memories seemed to close around her, the true memories, the pain, the anger, hatred and love. Everything was right in her mind once more and she looked up upon her love once more, shock and pure adoration in her eyes, as they had been so long before. She couldn’t help but slip right back into love with him, her true lifemate.

For a time the pair lived in harmony. They seemed to have it all between the pair of them, love, desire, her little Arimil, even another childe that she sired, a Carpathian Childe, Xhex. All was perfect, and then he disappeared on her again, as did all of the Carpathians in her life. She moved from the house that he’d built her, back into the family Estate and seemed to wander along, lost.

One night she went to check on someone that she’d met a while before. She didn’t know what it was that prompted her to check on Lascivious, for they’d only been introduced once or twice before. She’d read in the papers that Lasc and Azeara were having marital problems and she just wanted to see if they were alright. Through speaking with Lasc she grew closer to her and soon the pair were constant companions, the dearest of friends.

There was some sexual tension between them, but Jadeleath was determined not to break up another marriage, not after first the Hanyou/Ebony debacle, and later nearly breaking Dementias and Xandra up. So she remained just a close friend to Lascivious. Things were breaking down between she and Azzy though and so Lasc severed her so that they could both move on. Though Jadeleath was chagrined at the break-up of another marriage in Ravenblack, she finally gave in to the passion she had been reigning in for Lascivious. Their connection was so intense that a mere four nights after her severance, Jadeleath and Lascivious traveled to the Hall of Binding, March 31st 2010.

The pair are so in love that it is unbelievable, though they are not without their own issues. First of all, they had agreed that they didn’t want to change the other and so an agreement was made to allow lovers. Jade had told Lasc about Seht, though the man was away with no known time for his return. At the same time, Lasc told Jade about someone that was extremely close to her, a woman that was her friend and more, Diabla Vampira. There is many a time when Jadeleath has felt threatened by the relationship between Lasc and Dia, but she wants Lasc happy more than anything and so she tried not to say anything when she knows of the pair being together.

Seht returned, along with the other Carpathians and she spent some time with him, reconnecting. One downside though was that Xandra had disappeared, even before the Carpathians had gone away, and so with his mate gone, Dementias was becoming more and more unstable mentally. In an effort to help control his instability, he severed totally from Xandra, as both sire and spouse, and sired under Jade. The hope was that the link between Seht and Jade would help to fortify Dementias, to keep him sane. It helped a little, but not enough so he took to sleeping at the bottom of the family’s swimming pool.

An issue came to light in the city, one that concerned Jade directly, as well as Seht and Dementias. A group of vampires formed a Temple to worship the Egyptian god Seht (though they spelled his name Set). According to their ‘scriptures,’ Isis and Osiris were the enemies of Set and the followers of Isis and Osiris were to be killed. In the interest of clearing things up, Jadeleath went to the leader, Jada, privately to smooth some things out. Jada had been a friend of her sire, Venom, and so she thought that this would be a simple meeting and clear things up. What she wasn’t prepared for was for Jada to take offense at what she was telling her and so after the private conversation Jada began to plan with others from their Temple. Jadeleath, not realizing what had been started by a simple conversation, didn’t think anything of it. A week or two she mentioned talking to Jada to her sire and immediately he wanted to know what all was said so she shared it.

Not too long after that he learned that Jada was planning on attacking Jadeleath and so he told her she must stay at the family Estate. Immediately the restriction sent Jade stir-crazy. She loathed being stuck in one place, even if the place was so opulently decorated. In an effort to occupy herself, she threw a party for the family and a few friends. At the party Dementias threw a very, very old picture of himself into the fire, destroying it. It was very amusing when little six year old looking Arimil went over to him, waggling a finger at him as she scolded him. That was the beginning of an inkling between the two.

One night, after Jade had been restricted to the family home for three weeks, Lasc came up with the idea of Neutrality. It wasn’t something that Jade had heard anything about as typically it was frowned upon for Neutral Vampires couldn’t hit others, couldn’t be hit, and they it was thought that they were hiding, they were thought cowards. It actually made sense to Jadeleath though, for she was a pacifist and never intended to hurt someone again. Hastily she researched the way to do it and went straight to the bank. With her coins in hand she went from one guild to the next, then on to the third. When it was accomplished, she could move about once more.

Lascivious and Jadeleath took a trip, a second-honeymoon, so to speak. While they were away in Mexico Lasc carved out a piece of herself and gave it to Jade, a part of her that would forever be Jade’s. For safe keeping, Jade placed the marble of Lasc inside of herself, drawing it in as though she’d created a pocket, but this pocket was near to her heart. Something began to happen because of this though, her phoenix saw this marble as it’s egg and so it began to roost it inside. When Jade tried to remove it, the phoenix overwhelmed her and wouldn’t allow it. To her phoenix, this was her egg. With each passing moment though, Lasc was affected by the part of her inside of Jade.

One evening, while Lasc spent her time submerged deep in the Caribbean Sea so as to cool herself off, Jade was able to have a conversation with her phoenix. It was the first time that the two had been able to communicate with each other and through the conversation Jade learned what was going on. When Lascivious returned she led her outside and the both of them burst into flames, but as phoenixes, they were both reborn from the ashes. So Lasc became phoenix as well.

After their return to the city Jadeleath discovered that her baby girl had grown once more, but this time it had been a conscious decision to grow. To Jade this meant that the girl was in full control of herself and her powers, that she was ready to grow up. That was how things worked for the Fae and all that she knew for things to happen. The only complication was that Arimil had grown from six to twenty in such a short spurt that Jade had missed seeing her grow up, missed her teenage years, missed seeing her experiencing so much. What she didn’t miss though, was that Arimil had her first love, and it seemed like it’d be her only love for she’d fallen for Dementias. On top of that, they had become lifemates. Knowing what was in store for her, Jade wished them the best of luck, but she didn’t try to stop them. She just hoped that they would be safe and be happy.
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Jadeleath... a very long history
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