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 Arimil, A child all grown up

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PostSubject: Arimil, A child all grown up   Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:38 pm

Arimil Laren-Drake

((Her history is open and she or Jade will talk about it from time to time, though she doesn't know too many.))
Who is Arimil? What can she do? When? Where?

The birth child of Amdis Brone and Jadeleath Drake-Talon, everything about her is impossible. First of all, both of her parents are vampires. Since it is inconceivable for a vampire to give birth, let alone carry a child to term, how did Arimil come to be?

Her mother, Jadeleath, was not born human. In fact, she was of a race known as the Fae, a long-lived race that are known for a multitude of magical abilities. It was using Fae magic that had allowed her to become pregnant. It was no typical pregnancy though, for rather than the usual nine months, this one lasted just two and a half.

Baby Arimil was born the perfect little girl. She was the best of both of her parents and both parents doted upon her. They vied for the mere opportunity to hold her and neither wished to lay her down one bit. A truce was born though and so the pair compromised about their daughter. Unfortunately their relationship was already on a downward spiral. Even as her mother continued to take care of her, her father seemed to disappear into the night.

Regardless of her missing father, she had a mother that adored her, a grandsire that doted upon her, plus brothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins that kept her feeling the love. Even so, she missed her father and soon the stress of that absentee father caused her to grow.

Her mother gave her a present, a stuffed bunny rabbit by the name of Purzah. The bunny became a permanent fixture with her and she carried it everywhere she went, whether it was climbing a tree, playing hide and seek, or just sitting and coloring. On occasion she would talk with her Purzah, almost like it was a real friend. The stuffed animal was privy to her private thoughts like no other. She knew that it wasn’t alive, that it didn’t understand her, but on occasion she could swear that it did.

Her favorite people to play with were her cousins Edigido and Dementias. When she wasn’t with her mother or Uncle Randy she could be found bugging one or the other men. Once she even got them to sit and color with her. She drew a picture of her and her mother with Dementias and Ed (in his true, draconic form).

In her life she had a wonderful family, not just those related by blood, but those that were family in her heart. Into her life came Seht, her Momma’s lifemate, and he treated her just like a princess, like his own daughter. She adored him and even went in search of him when she could sneak out of the house.

Suddenly though, her birth father came back into the picture. Amdis appeared and wanted to spend time with the daughter he’d abandoned. Curious about him, she spent time with him as well, but the tension between her parents got to be too much and once more she aged.

Things became a bit strange for a little while, with her father in and out, but soon he disappeared once more and things seemed to relax into an easy groove once more. That is, it did until her Poppa Seht and Cousin Dementias went away for a while. While they were gone she mostly just stayed in and around the Estate. Though she had inherited all of her mother’s knowledge up to the moment of her birth, she had never experienced it and with her seemingly ever changing body, things got confusing when her mother wasn’t nearby.

Her mother met someone, a pretty woman named Lascivious, and one day the two ran off and got married! Arimil immediately took to the woman and she couldn’t help but love her like she loved her own mother. The two bonded almost instantly and Lasc even gave her a ride on her back while the woman was in the form of a feline.

Then her Poppa Seht and Cousin Dementias returned and Arimil seemed to have her family back together! She couldn’t be happier! She could see that her cousin was troubled though, and she knew it was because his wife was away, and had disappeared some time ago. Her mother saw it too and so in an effort to help him, her Momma sired Dementias, hoping to use the link with his twin, her own lifemate to help stabilize him. Arimil knew what he needed though, and she knew that it was her, she was just too young to really say it or identify it.

Time continued and she watched Dementias grow further and further from sanity. At the same time though, a group from the city threatened her mother and while locked away in their family home for a while, Jadeleath threw a party for family and a couple of close family friends. At that party Dementias tore a portrait of himself from the wall and threw it into the fireplace. Immediately young Arimil scampered over to him and scolded him. The sight of the little girl waving a finger authoritatively at the large man must have been comical, but he took it with all seriousness. Apologizing, he retreated from the party, but in that moment he seemed to recognize her for more than just a child.

A few evenings later she decided to sneak out of the house so that she could go on her own little adventure. She didn’t expect anything to happen, but it did. She found her way into an occult store and surprised the salesperson with her knowledge of the different herbs and bought a few packets for her mother. Then, as she was checking out, she noticed two amulets of Osiris and knew that she had to get them. While her Poppa was the Seht from Egypt, her Dementias was the Osiris from then and her mother was Isis. Immediately she put one of the amulets upon herself, adjusting it so it right at the base of her neck, then she put the other amulets away to give to Dementias. On her way though, a group of rogues stalked and cornered her. Unlike her mother, Arimil was not a pacifist, having some of her father in her, and so she fought back, stabbing one of the attackers. Before she’d gotten too far though, Dementias seemed to appear from nowhere, coming to her rescue.

That night, after he took her home, she gave him his necklace, then drained herself in healing his injuries. From that night on though, she always sought him out, she always tried to stay close to him.

For a week or two she could be seen thinking hard in silence and it was always one thought on her mind. She knew she loved Dementias and she knew he loved her, but she was too little to do him much good. For the first time ever, she consciously aged and this jump was a larger one. She went from looking six to looking around twenty.

Her aging came while her mothers were out of town on a private vacation and after it happened she had a bit of an argument with her then grandsire, Venom. He thought that she was rushing into things with Dementias, but he didn’t understand their bond. She and Dementias pledged themselves to each other and were joined, if not in the eyes of the city, in their own lives, their own hearts. She became his Queen, one that could be his equal.

In time the pair bound, but then he left... Over the next eight months he was away a lot, only popping in for a night every few months. This frustrated her, but oddly, what frustrated her more was that her best friend, Midnight, was gone too. He finally came back and so she feels better, more like herself, even if Dementias is still gone.

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Arimil, A child all grown up
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