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 Cod's Story, A Fish Tale

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PostSubject: Cod's Story, A Fish Tale   Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:22 pm


((All information here can be used either IC or OOC. He doesn't know too many so please use your best judgement on whether you know it or not.))
He was born into money, the only child of a wealthy family that gave him everything and anything he wanted while still expecting perfection from him. He was raised by nannies, mostly, and only saw his parents when they stopped in at home between either business trips or vacations. Though they were absentee parents,Clint and Vikki Buchanon still expected him to excel at anything he did.

As a child he was a nerd, right down to the high-water pants, suspenders and pocket protector. He was extremely intelligent and had a 4.0 GPA. The only true encouragement he ever got though, was from Silvina, the nanny that he had the longest. She was his confidant, his best friend, his instructor. She treated him as a son should be treated and thought very lowly of his parents. When he graduated from his private school, ahead of his class, at the age of sixteen his parents came home and dispatched his beloved Silvina. She was given a healthy stipend then told that if she showed her face near their son again she would lose everything that she had.

Though he started business school he suddenly felt bereft at the loss of his beloved second mother, Silvina. He was off on his own and ended up in the wrong crowd. They were his friends, or so he thought. They used him for his money and introduced him to gambling and drugs. Being the smart guy that he was he didn’t become dependent upon the drugs, but the gambling drew him in. While he went to class he began to work out and study during the day, but at night he’d spend his time gambling. It could be a back-room game of poker or a street game of craps, if he could find a game, he played it. For a long time he won game after game, only losing once in a great while, but then he turned twenty-one and he could legally get onto the casinos.

He graduated from college with top marks, but rather than going out and finding a job right off he sunk into his games, going from casino to casino, game to game. Soon his losses came to the attention of his parents and they cut him off. He gutted anything valuable that he could find at his parent’s house and pawned it to keep gambling, his parting gift for his parents.

Soon his debts became too much, more than his winnings could cover. He went to loan sharks to get the money to pay back the casinos before they called the police, sure that he’d win the money back before they came knocking at his door. Unfortunately things didn’t work out his way and he just kept getting in deeper and deeper with them.

One night he found himself running down an alley as he tried to escape the loan sharks’ muscle men. They had him cornered and he knew he was about to either have his legs broken or worse, be killed. Then a woman stepped between he and the big burly men. She stood there like his guardian angel, though the sight was almost laughable. The way the petite teenager just told the men to go on their way even as they towered over her would have made anyone that wasn’t in his position burst out laughing. Sure that she was about to get hurt even though it wasn’t her fight, Cod stood up before her, ready to submit himself to whatever the pursuers had in mind for him. To his surprise the small woman just smiled at him and stepped past him. She went from a small angel to a viscous killing machine in the blink of an eye.

He was sure that he was next when suddenly she went back to looking like any other teenager. She asked his story and out of fear he blurted it out, admitting to things he’d not told anyone. She gave him an offer and an ultimatum. She offered to help him, to clean up his mess, to take him under his wing should he accept her gift, but if she did this he had to change his ways and steer clear of the casinos and street games. Upon fear of death he swore to her that he’d do anything she said. It surprised him when she kissed him, so very gently. He’d never been kissed in such a manner and it surprised him to no end. Soon her lips traveled down to his throat and he gasped as she sunk her fangs into him. His mind reeled and he felt himself weakening, sinking to the ground. He couldn’t help but think that she’d tricked him, that she was now going to kill him.

On the brink of death he suddenly tasted an ambrosial liquid upon his lips. There was a slight copper taste to it and he wanted more and more. When awareness came to him he found himself clinging to her wrist. She wrenched her wrist from him then one moment they were in the alley and the next they were in a comfortable looking home. He looked about him in wonder, everything seeming to be so vibrant, so alive.

Jade told him about what she expected of him, what he had to do to survive, what he had to strive for. She gave him a room in her cabin and set him on the path to gain powers and he did all he could to make her proud, to make her feel that she made a good choice in saving him.

He’d always done well in school and as he began to quest for powers he looked upon these new tests much like he had looked at tests in school. He’d seen the library that his sire had and took advantage of it. Rather than going up to Jade every two days and asking, ‘okay, what next,’ rather than asking his family where to find guilds and how to get to them, he learned for himself. He found the resources in a group that called themselves ‘COVE’ and another that liked to call itself ‘A view in the dark.’ Both of these media helped him learn all he needed to know.

He’d been turned the same evening as his new siblings, Tamati and Delilah. The twins, which he affectionately called Tweedledee and Tweedledumb, he actually saw very rarely. Tamati would stop in and give their sire updates, but Delilah stayed away. They occasionally would cross paths in the city, but usually it was while someone was running one direction and the others another.

Though he didn’t go to his sire over educational questions, he did grow closer to her than he ever had his human parents. She was more of a friend than Silvina ever had been, but then also a parental figure as well. Many a night he would just sit at home, between quests, and spend time with Jadeleath. Sometimes it was just curling up with a good book, sometimes it was talking about happenings in each other’s lives, but they had a good relationship.

Just after his turning, Jade had gifted him a beautifully appointed deck of cards. At first he found the cards to be at odds with his promise that he’d not gamble any longer, but as he carried them around they became more of a physical representation of that promise. Always he had the cards in his hands, always they moved seamlessly from hand to hand as he shuffled them back and forth. Some might see it as a nervous habit, but instead it was almost a compulsion.

One night in his sire’s home he met a young vampiress by the name of Eden Monroe Immediately he was taken with her, but she was engaged to another woman, to Spinner. He began to spend more time with Eden though and they soon became lovers. Eden’s fiancé didn’t seem to have a problem with this, being an open vampiress herself. The problem came when it began to appear that Eden preferred Cody over her fiancé.

His sire introduced him to a vampiress by the name of Amber Rose. They began as just friends, but here was always this sexual tension between them. Deciding that he needed to let Eden be, he chose to pursue Amber instead. The pair flirted with each other, talked about all sorts of things, and just had a great time together. Then it happened, they made love. Unfortunately she’d been a virgin and the pain of their joining was so great that she shrunk back from him in all respects. Finally they were able to overcome it, but things were never the same again. She seemed to push him away and so after she disappeared for a while, he began to hang out with a couple of his friends, Anna Rune and Spinners Moon, more.

While Amber was gone he stayed faithful to her, but when she did return they sat and had a talk and it was decided that they would part ways. He began having a flirtatious relationship with both Anna and Spinners Moon. While the friendship with Anna became more, the one with SM stayed at a flirtatious level. Neither relationships went further though and in time Anna married a man that she’d loved for some time, Michael Eastman, who happened to be a friend of Cody’s human uncle, Bo Buchanon.

Since his turning he had held a sort of flirtatious relationship with his sister, Sayen, and whenever she was around he was so happy to see her. They teased each other and things grew to a strong bond, stronger than any he’d ever established with anyone aside from his sire. Unfortunately Sayen would disappear for stretches at a time. During one of her times around though, she stole the Queen of Hearts from his deck of cards. Immediately he could feel the difference in the deck, but rather than demand that card back, he began to call her his Queen of Hearts.

During one of her absences though, he met his new Uncle Lok. Lok was unique to him and a dragonpire. Their relationship became one of lust and though he truly loved Sayen, with her gone for an unknown length of time, he stepped into a sexual relationship with his uncle. Swept up in the moment though, when Lok proposed, he agreed to bind to him.

Enter Sayen. She returned to find the man she loved engaged to another man. Cody was torn between the pair, one relationship of love and so much more, the other mostly just sex. He wasn’t confronted by the problem for long though for suddenly both of them disappeared on him for a while. While they were gone he did a lot of thinking and decided to follow his heart. When Lok returned he broke things off with him. So he was left sitting and waiting for Sayen.

He watched for her for a long while and when she finally returned it was to talk to Jade to be severed from the family. He was dumbstruck. She was leaving his life totally. He saw her once more before she disappeared on him totally.

Numbly he wandered through life, trying to make sense of it all. One night he wandered into a casino in the city and suddenly he was overcome by the need to gamble once more. For so long he’d done well and then he was caught in the grip of the mesmerizing sounds, sights and scents that were a part of a casino. He slipped his ever-present deck of cards into the card box that his brother, Ryan, had given him and approached one of the blackjack tables. For some minutes he just stood there, transfixed, his eyes following each card as it was placed upon the green felt. Mentally he kept a running tally, made silent bets with himself on what each hand being played was going to be. A couple of women, one being his sister Caty, tried to get him to leave, and yet he stood unmoving and transfixed.

After some drama while they tried to assist him in leaving, he snapped and acted almost drunk. The security guards at the casino converged upon him to make him leave, but rather than go quietly he began to attack them. The police were called and it took both Roni and Caty to get him anywhere near the door. Then, in his official police capacity, Michael Eastman arrived and finally they were able to get him shuffled out of the door.

He was in a state of confusion for a good long while after that. One night his sire brought in another sister for him, Gaberiella, and he helped teach her how to feed. Blood lust won out though, and afterwards they had a bit of excitement.

From that moment on he pulled back from everyone, disappearing back into the new cottage that his sire and her new husband had given him on the family land. Rarely did he surface for anything. Everywhere he looked he seemed to see Sayen’s face. She haunted his every waking moment as well as his every dream. One night while he did venture out into the city he actually ran into her and at first he didn’t believe it was really her. Their reunion was short-lived though, for both had hurt the other. They both loved each other, but his unfaithfulness with Lok and her constant disappearing act was just something that neither could live with and so once more they parted ways.

Deciding that it would be best for everyone if he just went away for a while, one night he wrote out a note to reassure Jade that he’d be alright, then he disappeared into the night. For months he ranged throughout the world, constantly moving. Alas, he did seem to slip back into his old habits though, for he began to gamble once more. He had amassed quite a tidy sum in his account only to lose all of it on a stupid bet. The moment he got his hands on some coins though, he would gamble them away. Eventually the gambling did pay off and he regained just under a third of what he’d originally lost.

Rather than take his chances with losing any more he finally made his way back home and simply returned to his former life. That worked for a little while, but he never knew where he fit so he took to staying at the Kingsley family's Vegas casino. He ran it for the family, and gambled at the other casinos there, winning money from them. Recently his sire severed from Venom, cutting them off from the Kingsley properties. He left Vegas and returned to Ravenblack City. As it turns out though, he'd recently been introduced to a woman that had caught his attention and so his thoughts kept turning toward her.
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Cod's Story, A Fish Tale
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