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 Lass' tale.

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PostSubject: Lass' tale.   Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:40 pm

(( This can be known IC as Lass hasn't kept any of this part of her past secret ))

Sit yourselves down and attend the tale of a young girl, unhappy, alone and abused.

It all started back in the 18th century, when a young girl was delivered into the world – much to the disgust of her parents who had been assured that she was to be a male child and heir to all the estates. Instead she had been another girl and so had begun a lifetime full of disappointments for all.

Karnayna was the third child borne to her parents. The first had been a boy and the pride and joy of the whole family. However he had been a weak and sickly thing and he soon died of one childhood disease or another. The second child had been a girl as expected and she had been named Grasonya. She was a beauty as a baby and the older she became the more her beauty grew, until she was coveted by every man in the land.

The Father had died soon after Karnayna had been born. Some say it was the horror of another girl and therefore another dowry to pay, while others said nothing and so the view was held that the birth of Karnayna was what had killed the man. As such, no one would give the child the time of day. She was given very little attention as a baby and young child and generally could be found alone gazing out over the vast grounds of their estate.

Grasonya on the other hand was doted upon. Every wish and desire granted – all the families hopes were pinned on her marrying well to keep the rest of them in the custom to which they had become used to. Of course the tales of her beauty travelled far and wide and there was a constant stream of gentlemen callers trying to win her hand from her ever more controlling Mother.

I was the child Karnayna – and this is the tale of my life. I warn you that it won’t be enjoyable and some parts may even make you cringe and shudder. However, to understand the creature I am today – you must hear about the human I was then.

Let me jump ahead a few years. I am now 15 and my sister is 23.She was married off to a very wealthy man a number of years ago and has been paying an allowance to Mother to make sure we are both well – as Mother ran through all of Father’s money a couple of years before.

The problem is that Mother doesn’t feel that it is enough. Even though she is keeping both allowances for herself and I am seeing not a penny. It is all well and good that I am fed and clothed, but both are very much second rate and I am sure that Grasonya would not be so miserly – Her husband however… If it was he in charge of our allowance then I would quite readily believe that he would indeed pay us a pittance.

As Mother is the woman she is, she had devised yet another of her plans. This one is to have me married off to another rich man to gain yet another allowance. The cost of my dowry would be paid by my sisters ‘dear’ husband Lord Inglewood as it had been part of the agreement for the marriage of Grasonya between my Mother and he.

I of course wanted nothing to do with these horrid men, who had come letching around our home. I longed for the peace and solitude I had enjoyed as a child, with no one even realizing I was alive. Instead I had been thrust into the limelight and I was not comfortable. Every chance I got I would run. Free myself from the house and the tight binding outfits my Mother insisted on me wearing. She wanted me in her sight at all times of the day and night to be sure I was ready and presentable for any suitors who may pass by.

I will tell you now – Every one of those suitors was not what I was looking for, nor was I what they had come for. Everyone knew of my sister’s beauty, some had even had the privilege of witnessing her at balls and at the court, and so they came for the younger sister – Expecting another beauty and instead found myself. I hated being paraded so much that I disappeared every chance I got, until Mother cottoned on to what I was doing and had all the doors locked and every window nailed shut. So as an act of defiance I cut all of y hair off. The next few suitors who came had to endure me in a wig, for without it I looked as manlike as they!

After a year of our battle of the wills my mother was close to giving up. I was ever so glad for I was running out of things to do to escape the bindings of marriage! The demon that she was, she decided to ask for help and council from Lord and Lady Inglewood – My sister and her husband whom we had not heard from all year.

They arrived the next day, and planned to stay over the weekend. As soon as I saw Grasonya I knew something was not right. Her beauty had faded more than the years could account for, and her eyes didn’t sparkle as they once had. Something was very wrong indeed, however Mother soon swept her off to be talked at about myself and I was once again left to my own devices – Or so I thought.

I stood in the entrance hall for a moment or two, relishing in the sound of silence. Mother wasn’t nagging me and she hadn’t sent one of her servants in her place either. I was alone. Yet not unobserved. I began to climb the stairs with plans of ridding myself of all the fancy frippery I had been poured into, putting on one of my outdoor smocks and going for a walk. So thinking I was alone, I began undressing as I climbed the stairs.

Lord Inglewood had been standing by the door of the study, observing my every move, and by the time I reached the turn in the stairs, my every curve. I believe it was at this point that the plans he laid later that day came to his mind.

I didn’t get a chance to see my Sister all weekend. She was kept busy with local visitors coming to see her and of course my mother dancing around with none too subtle hints about children. After all, she was heard to comment, they had been married for 6 years, children should have arrived a time before the current date. My sister stayed silent at these comments and a great sadness could be seen on her face whenever children were mentioned but again there was never an opportunity to steal her away for a conversation.

On the Sat night it was announced that a formal dinner would be held for family and close friends to wish the couple a safe journey home the next day. “At last!” I had thought. “A chance to speak to my sister” Yet again however, this was not to happen until much later that night.

The conversation over dinner had been light and amicable. Mother was fairly restrained on all topics and I could actually say that I enjoyed myself. I enjoyed myself that is, until the dessert arrive. We had made it through 7 courses with no mention of my single status, yet it wasn’t to be. As the sweet wine was being poured my Mother was heard to remark in a very loud voice as to how I was the black sheep of the family, sent to ruin us all. I had killed my Father and now I was trying to kill her with my selfish ways and greed.

All conversation around the table died and every head turned to look to her, shocked that she had said out loud what a lot of people had been thinking for years. Mother then went on to pass further judgment on me and my lack of husband, so much so that she was beginning to make a fool of herself. At this point Lord Inglewood stepped in to the rescue. He asked my Mother quietly and yet firmly if he could talk to her in the library for a moment. My Mother accepted his offer and they disappeared. As soon as they had left the room the whole table buzzed with whispered conversation – while both I and my Sister stared at each other in mutual pity.

Shortly the two conspirators returned to the room, which immediately fell silent. Mother had one of the biggest grins on her face that I had ever seen her with and it was disconcerting! After she and the lord had taken their seats she stood, tapping her glass with her nails lightly to gain the attention of everyone, which she had failed to notice she already, had. Pompously and a little stiffly she told everyone that an arrangement had been reached, between her and the Lord which would be to everyone’s satisfaction. I was to go and live with him and my Sister while Mother stayed on at the house and he would take over matchmaking duties, using his single friends as suitors. In return he would pay my Mother an extra £10 a week to ease her loneliness.

I didn’t know how to feel at this as of course there was the joy of being with my Sister again as well as the overwhelming joy of not having to be with my Mother every day, all day. However, it meant being near him – and I wasn’t so sure if he was the fine gentleman he made out to be or not. Something wasn’t right in his house. My sister’s expression to this news was unreadable – she just stared at her plate, her face as pale as ever. However there was no time for musings. I quickly stood, thanked the Lord and my Mother for the kind invitation and how grateful I would be to accept. I then excused myself and flew to my room to pack the meagre possessions I had, for I would be leaving in the morning and I didn’t trust a maid to do it.

The journey to my new home was uneventful. I sat excited, staring out of the window at all the new sights I was seeing – For I had never been out of our grounds before. My Sister sat staring at her hands looking pensive, and playing with her lace gloves while the Lord sat, sharing his gaze between my Sister and me. We arrived at their home in the later hours of the evening and I was quickly taken to my room, where a light supper was waiting for me. I ate and then took myself to bed, excited to see what would happen the next day.

My excitement was unfounded however, for nothing happened. The servants showed me around the house, which was quite possibly three times the size of the one I was used to, and then I was taken around the grounds. There was a lake in the middle of the grounds – much bigger than the little fountain we had. There were things I had never seen before and I was looking forward to being left to my own devices to explore fully. When I returned to the house from my tour, neither my Sister nor the Lord were to be found, and I was informed that they had gone to court for an attendance with the King. Finally the freedom I had been longing for. I had to make the most of it while it lasted, for who knew when the Lord’s single friends may come courting – and that was the furthest thing from my mind.

I had no need to worry however, for the Lord was hardly ever there and Grasonya and I had lots of talks, catching up on what we had been up to the last few years. Yet she too had to go away with the Lord sometimes and so there was plenty of time for me to be me. I could wear what I liked, eat when I liked and go where I liked. There were no rules, no boundaries and here I was free! Every day I lived away from the stuffy claustrophobic atmosphere my Mother had created was another day I grew stronger and more into the young woman I should have been.

4 weeks passed however, and there still had been no suitors brought to me for me to dismiss and this concerned me slightly. For it had been part of the agreement between my Mother and the Lord that I was to see suitors while living here – and I was to be wed as soon as was possible to get me out from under the Lord’s feet. I tried not to think on it however, and just to enjoy my freedom, roaming the hills and fields alone, barefoot and wild – but something kept niggling in the far recesses of my mind that all was not as it seemed. As it so happened I was to find out exactly how things were the very next weekend.

Friday night came and went, and when Saturday arrived it was announced that there was a surprise ball being held by one of the Royal Princesses in honour of all the women of the court who had shown her friendship and my Sister had been invited to go. So she packed a bag and left at around noon time, and I was informed that she probably wouldn’t be back until late the Sunday night or the Monday morning – depending on the Princess’ mood.

It didn’t bother me one iota that I was to be left here alone with his Lordship, for the house and grounds were big enough that we shouldn’t have to disturb one another. Yet at Dinner time that night I was summoned and told that I was expected in the dining room in one half hour and that I was to wear the contents of the box that was being thrust at me. Upon opening the box I found a very new, very pretty dress – however the length wasn’t one you would ordinarily see on a lady of class. However being the wild one I am – I wore it in defiance, sure there had been a mistake, but wanting to see the reaction.

However upon entering the dining room – the reaction on the Lord’s face left no doubt in my mind that the fact my ankles were on show was not a mistake by any means! Feeling a little more than uncomfortable I held my head high and walked to the chair the Lord was proffering to me. I sat and he sat beside me. As the meal was served the alcohol flowed profusely and the Lord became more jovial – yet he also became more forward! His knee happened to graze my own knee a couple of times, even after I had politely moved my legs to the side. His hand kept patting my own, and squeezing it to accentuate his points. Until he actually was so forward as to place his hand on my knee after making some farce about re-arranging his napkin!

I was horrified by how forward he was and I excused myself and left to my room in tears. Feeling that I had betrayed my sister in some way for allowing it to happen! A few minutes later there was a knock on my bedroom door, and without waiting for an answer the lord strolled right in, closing it quietly behind him. My protests and outrage seemed but to fall on deaf ears however and he kept advancing until, almost nose to nose with me he took me in his arms and kissed me ferociously.

For a couple of moments I was shocked and stunned – For no matter how wild and unabashed I may have come across – I was completely inexperienced with men. Once I had a hold of my senses I began to struggle and fight – Trying to get him off, however he just laughed at my futile attempts. He threw me back onto the bed and stood there looking at me - gloating almost. It was here that he informed me how he had been watching me from afar for a while now. Watching me, as I grew from under my mothers grasp. Seeing me flourish as a flower does after the weeds had been removed, his passion and lust for me growing all the time. He rationalized it by stating that if I were ever to tell anyone – all he need do is comment on my attire and behaviour and no one would blame him for his actions!

I lay on the bed weeping – Unable to believe what I was hearing. He was right however. I had hardly been conducting myself as a lady, and someone with the power he had would be believed over someone such as me. I lay there, wondering what to do, my eyes running all over the room trying to create a plan for escape. However, the only thing I could think of was to try and run as soon as a chance arose.

He clambered onto the bed, and started crawling towards me – a hungry look in his eyes which I’m ashamed to say did excite me a little but it also drove fear into my heart. As he crawled towards me he was fumbling with the fastenings on his clothes, and suddenly glanced down to deal with something that was causing him trouble. I took my chance. I scrambled to the edge of the bed and made a dash for the door. However with a surprising turn of speed he caught me before I made it – grabbing my long hair from behind and stopping me dead with a jerk which sent me flying backwards. He straddled me on the floor and brought my head up using my hair as leverage so that he could slap my face. After the slap I only remember bits and pieces for the world was full of ringing bells and sparkling stars. Oh and pain, lots of pain.

I awoke later the next day to find I had been bathed and dressed in my night clothes. By whom I have no idea, but I hurt. I hurt all over. Between my legs felt raw, my jaw hurt to open it and clicked slightly when I did, my eye was swollen as I couldn’t see out of it properly and my head was sore where my hair had been pulled. I lay back into my pillows and wept, realizing what he had done to me. My Sisters husband! How could he?! I have no idea how long I wept for, or lay there either. I was aware of people coming in and out of the room however and when I finally did acknowledge my surroundings again it was dark outside and there was a tray of tepid food left on my dresser for me.

I arose, ate and then went back to my bed and slept again, this became my routine for a few days and people were told not to enter as I had an illness. After what must have been a week – I arose, dressed myself and left the house. Running as far and as wild and free as I could. 2 days I was out on the hills for – and I don’t believe anyone noticed! I returned to the house with the view of telling my sister what had happened to me, so we could try and escape together. However it wasn’t to be. As I returned I was just in time to see her couch leaving the grounds and heading to the city. I hoped and prayed that the Lord had gone with her, however, he hadn’t. He had stayed behind.

I again retired to my room, and at 5 was summoned to the dining room. However, this time I refused. A few moments later the Lord stored into my room, demanding to know why I wasn’t dinging with him. I let him have it and told him what I thought of him and how I was going to ell my sister everything he had done to me. How we were going to leave him and everyone would know what a disgusting pig he was. He laughed at me! However this laugh was cruel and mean, not filled with hilarity as a laugh should be. He told me that if I breathed one word to my Sister that he would kill her in front of me and take me as his own wife and then he would have me as often as he pleased. After this statement he advanced on me again. Again I tried to fight him off but this time he just beat me into submission before taking me like an animal.

This continued for months. I had nowhere to go. No one to turn to. For if I said anything he was to kill my sister! So I endured him as best I could. I turned in on myself, receded back further than ever before, speaking to no one. Not even venturing outside to the hills and fields. My sister asked me many times what was wrong but I couldn’t bring myself to look at her, never mind talk to her! I didn’t know if she could ever forgive me the things I was doing with her husband – but even so, I couldn’t tell her in case he killed her! I would never forgive myself if that happened, and so I couldn’t and wouldn’t talk to her.

Then the night that everything changed came. None of us knew as we set about our day that things were going to change – But they did. It was another Friday. Another weekend, when Grasonya had a party to go to. Another party the Lord ‘didn’t feel up to’. Another weekend of torture for me. It all happened as usual; I stayed in my room while the rest of the house got on with their duties and chores. I was summoned for dinner and refused to go down, and so the Lord came to me. However this night he was in a fearsome mood – Worse than I had ever seen before.

He didn’t even give me a chance – he just started beating me straight away. I tried to stay quiet as I had found my cries only made him angrier and hit me harder, but this night I couldn’t stay quiet. I was sobbing and crying, screaming in pain as he hit me and beat me. Then he took me again, more ferociously than ever before, making me cry harder. What neither of us noticed was the knock at the door, and then it opening. We knew nothing other than the pain in myself and whatever pleasure he was getting until suddenly there was another scream from somewhere behind him and then a dull clunk. The Lord looked at me with wide open, staring eyes and then slumped forwards onto my chest.

It was only then that I could see my sister standing behind him – wide eyed, red faced and panting hard. She continued to hit him about the head and body, screaming in rage the entire time. I scrambled out from under him, grabbed a few bits and pieces and fled from the room, the house, the grounds and the town. I just ran and ran as far and as fast as my broken body and mind would allow me until I collapsed with exhaustion.

I roamed and wandered for months and years. Taking what work I could get to feed myself and when there was no work selling myself for food. As I travelled I changed within myself. It was as if there were two people living in me. One was sad and quiet, a proper young lady who had seen things no one should have to see and done things you wouldn’t even have nightmares about. While the other was a loud mouthed, mischievous flirt – who had no qualms about sleeping around for cash or doing ‘whatever’ it took to survive. After a few years I finally settled into the life I had and had learnt how to cope with these two people within. Anya the sad young lady and Lass the mischievous flirt.

The years had gone by and I was now 20 which must make my sister 28. I’d had no contact with her those last 5 years and I had no idea where she was or even if she were still alive, but I needed to find out. So I turned myself in the direction of the place I once called home and began the journey back to face whatever needed to be faced.

After a few months of travelling I came across quite an unremarkable tavern called the Horns. It was quite late and I needed a place to stay so entered to see what fun there was to be had. Little did I realize that that was the first step towards this life I lead now, for in the tavern was a gentleman by the name of Billy, and he and I were to become ‘very’ good friends.

As soon as I entered, the flirting half of my personality took over, and soon I was the life and sole of the party. The one everyone wanted to be seen with, the one everyone wanted to have. However there was a very strange man in the corner who intrigued me. He didn’t act nor look like the others in the room, and the way he looked at me sent shivers up and down my spine of the most pleasant sort. So taking a large mouthful of the nearest pint – I took the first steps and went over to him. Lying myself on his table, my ample bosom spilling out of the top of my corset I looked him up and down with my most alluring smile and struck a conversation.

At first he was a little hesitant but soon he got into the conversation, and before I knew what was happening we were back in his room and I was doing things I wouldn’t have said were physically possible! The things that man could do to a body, was quite astounding! From that night on we were inseparable. He said he would travel with me to make sure that I got to my sisters safely, and then should I wish he would move on.

He was a very strange man – and he kept disappearing on me now and again, and when he came back he was different somehow. Brighter I think is the only way to describe it. One night I asked him to take me with him, show me what it was he went and did, and why it changed him so. He sat for a while contemplating my request and then acquiesced. He led me down the road and round a few corners to the darkest and dingiest parts of the current village we were in, until he came across a lone hut. Smashing down the door he entered, and then dragged out the couple who lived there.

He tossed the woman to me and growled at me to hold her while he dealt with the man. What he did next was both disgusting and fascinating to me. He bit the man’s neck and then sucked out the man’s blood until he was drained, at which point he tossed the empty shell aside. The woman I had been holding had fainted and so I had let her drop to the ground, where she still lay as we kissed over the top of her prone body. His saliva and mine, mixing with the blood of the dead man. I can tell you now – I have never been more excited in my life than I was at that moment!

He nodded to the woman and asked me if I would like to try her. I commented that I would however I hadn’t sharpened my teeth that morning as he so obviously had. He let out a chuckle at my cheek and told me he could help me out with that; however I would need to trust him implicitly. Having given him my word and my trust I then gave him my wrist, which he ever so lightly bit and pricked first, before biting his own wrist. Rubbing them both together, our blood mixed and I felt very, very strange in a way I cannot describe here. You need to experience it for yourself to fully understand the feelings! Suffice to say he then taught me how to bite and take people for my own, as well as how to be safe and careful. Who knew these people were out there, and who knew there were those who spent their lives trying to hunt them down and kill them!

By the time we reached my Sisters another year had passed from me setting off on my journey. I was now 21 and she was 29 – yet still as beautiful as ever. I had begged Billy not to turn my Sister, to leave her be – But once he laid eyes on her, you could tell from his expression that he wanted her as one of his own. So later that night, without her and my knowledge of exactly what was happening – she was turned also.

I had left them to get acquainted, for I knew his ‘tastes’ and various ‘appetites’ by now. Wandering around my Sisters house again brought back broken memories of those awful nights I had spent here with her husband! The exact memories were gone from my head – I couldn’t remember details, I only saw flashes of ‘him’ and feelings of revulsion. Shuddering violently from head to toe I fell backwards lying on the floor. When I opened my eyes I was different, quieter and more emotional. I was Anya!

Picking myself up from the floor I went in search of my Sister, I hadn’t seen her in so long! Walking into the ballroom I was horrified, I stood there, unable to take my eyes from the scene before me! After all Lass had done for that man, he was turning our Sister! Backing out of the room quietly, closing the door behind me I just stood, dumbstruck!

Looking around I couldn’t take it, I had to get out of there right away! Pulling myself together, I gathered my composure and fled from the house! The things I’d done when Lass was in control was unbearable to remember! What had she turned me into! What was she allowing to happen to my Sister? Fleeing as far and as fast as I could, stumbling over the countryside. Not stopping until I could run no more. Sleeping under hedges and trees, not able to look at people and feeding on animals as I went. What had she done to me!!!

For many months and years I ran and explored. Visiting various places of the world – Sometimes as Lass, sometimes as Anya, meeting other Pyres and humans, fighting with hunters and generally surviving night by night. Finally I found myself in a City called Raven Black. It was nice enough for a human city, but there seemed to be a higher density of Pyres here than in other places I had visited. I wandered through the city for a month or so, contemplating where to move on next, when I got a message out of the blue from my Sister Grasonya. I hadn’t heard from her in many, many hundreds of years! Yet it seemed she was here in the city also! She had caught a glance of what she thought was me one night while she herself was out hunting. Seemed she had joined a number of other pyres in a family – a clan - and she wanted me to join too. Maybe she had forgiven us for bringing Billy into her life……..

Heading in the direction given, I soon came across a large castle on a hill, this was PoE that my Sister had told me about, and so I joined my sister and the clan. Where you will find me still, waiting and learning to find what comes next in this that we call life. A bitter resentment burning deep inside Anya towards Billy for her turning and her sisters, while Lass bounces around, enjoying every new experience and trying to bring joy into others lives. The two having become stronger and more independent as time went by, very much becoming two separate people.

Which of us will you meet and play with?


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Lass' tale.
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