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 A Groom's Tale

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Dakota Ryan

Dakota Ryan

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PostSubject: A Groom's Tale   Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:18 am

He’d been ready, good and ready. He’d wanted to be sure that the tux fit just right, despite the evil tailor’s pins, so he’d gotten his tux on early. It fit just right. He’d even gotten his hair slicked back so that it’d stay in place. The one thing he hadn’t counted on was his zoo. He’d had his pets all of his life, well most of them, but when they saw him in the tux, something he’d never worn in his life, they didn’t know what to think. They had come pounding into the house, their feet all covered in mud, and when they saw him they’d all jumped up onto him, trying to get his attention. As was his habit, he pet them each, making sure not to leave any of them out. The only problem was that their mud was far from good for the tux.

With a groan he had stood up only to find that his tux was ruined. ”Not a way to start a weddin’,” he grumbled and ran out of the house. He had to find a new one, had to find something that would look even a fraction as good as the dress that he knew Adriana had. He had no idea what her dress looked like, but he wanted to look good for her, didn’t want to ruin their special night.

Each formal shop he found was closed. One after another. He even found a phone book and started dialing number after number, looking for one that might be open. When he was about through the list he finally found one that was on the verge of closing. Explaining his problem, they promised to stay open a bit later for him if he’d rush over. He immediately grabbed a towel and threw it over his seat in his car then drove it through the streets recklessly until finally he reached the place. Despite his need to hurry, they refused to rush it, since they hoped their name might be mentioned, to drum up more business. In the end he’d had to threaten the owner to get it done. He was already an hour and a half late. Pulling his newly fitted tux on, he flexed, to be sure there weren’t anymore pins in this one. It fit just right. Paying twice what the tux was worth, though it was worth it to him, he went back to his car, tossed the dirty towel away, then jumped inside, rushing to the Hall.
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A Groom's Tale
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