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 Wedding Gift Table/Area

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PostSubject: Wedding Gift Table/Area   Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:47 am

Nightmistress worked quick and fast as she knew the time was dwindling down before her wedding approached, and she still had yet to get ready. She smiled as she stepped back and viewed the table she had set up for her and Dakota's gifts from the people who attended it. She liked what she had done, simple, yet elegant was her idea behind it all.

She had found a fairly large clear box that had a liftable lid, and within that box, she put strings of lights in, and threaded them in and out of the box. Once she had finished that she grabbed some fabric that one would normally use as a veil and draped it along the clear box, letting the lights shine through the fabric turning it into a fancy table. Night had also attatched some nice greenery around the edges, simply because it felt right. After that was finished she had stood there for but a moment trying to figure out what she had been missing.

After that moment she grinned and looked around, and found what she was looking for. It was a sort of replica of Cinderella being whisked away by her true love. It clicked with Night since that's how Dakota made her feel. She picked up the Cinderella center piece and stuck it right in the middle of the table.

Once she had stepped back, she knew she needed to add a note so the guests would know what the table was for.

Quickly writing an elegent scripted note, she placed it on the end of the table for all to see:

Thank you all for coming, if you've any gifts for the lovely bride and groom, please leave them here on this table. Thank you - Nightmistress and Dakota Ryan

Smiling, knowing that this part of the decorating was now complete, she took a picture to save for later refrence in her lil' scrapbook of memories, before wandering off to finish everything else that needed to be done.


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Wedding Gift Table/Area
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